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BENEIL DARIUSH - Defeating Tony Ferguson, Being A Heavy Underdog, Tony’s Trash Talk, Elon Musk Delivering His Tesla, & Being An Iranian Christian

July 14th, 2021

In this episode of The Marty Ray Project: Chats, Chris Wallin and Marty Ray interview the rising star in the MMA world, UFC fighter, Beneil Dariush. They discuss: his nerves leading up to the biggest fight of his career, Tony Ferguson trash talk, will his next fight be for the championship, being the underdog, criticism after the fight, moving from Iran to USA as a boy, being a Christian in Iran, and calling Elon Musk out live on TV and then him delivering his Tesla. There's a lot in this one and it was a blast! If you like what we do on this show, help us grow it by Sharing everywhere, Subscribing, & Rate & Reviewing! 

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