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The Marty Ray Project Chats is a Podcast where two entertainers chat with other notable entertainers about whats its like being an entertainer and entertaining in the entertainment industry like : Music Artists, Film Actors, Wrestlers, UFC Fighters, Boxers, Managers, and more.

KEVIN ATLAS - 6′11″, One Arm, and Basketball Star, Trying Everything They Said He Couldn’t Do For TV, Working With Mark Wahlberg, & HOLLYWOOD Film of His Life

November 18th, 2020

On this episode of The Marty Ray Project: Chats, Chris Wallin & Marty Ray chat with the absolutely inspiring one armed 6'11" tall boss of a man, Kevin Atlas. They chat about Kevins documentary, TV Show, Book, Hollywood movie, & even his new family addition. I could tell you all here, but it sounds so much better coming from him. He's a great guy with one of the great success stories you need to hear. Find all of Kevin's info here:  

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DEANA CARTER - Strawberry Wine, Legendary Session Player For A Dad, Touring Again, & YouTube

November 11th, 2020

In this episode of The Marty Ray Project: Chats, Chris Wallin and Marty Ray interview the legendary Deana Carter. Deana tells us whats up with her career today and how she got started in the music business in the first place like how Willie Nelson had a hand in her launch. She also tells us about her transitioning into the social media world now by being highly active on Facebook, @OfficialDeanaCarter, and YouTube, @DeanaCarter. It's a very fun chat so come on and listen. Find, follow, and subscribe to all of Deana socials on her website:

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NEAL McCOY - Take A Knee My A** Song, Singing During COVID, Saying The Pledge Of Allegiance EVERY MORNING on Facebook Live, & Rob Schneider

November 3rd, 2020

On this episode of The Marty Ray Project: Chats, Chris Wallin & Marty Ray interview a legend in Country Music, Neal McCoy. We chat about Neals hit songs like: Wink, Shake, No Doubt About It, and the controversial Take A Knee My A**. We chat about what it's like singing and performing during COVID, being attacked for his political views, patriotism, reciting the Pledge Of Allegiance every morning on his Facebook Page, & even being friends with Rob Schneider. Also, we get a quick lesson on horses and the country life. We have a place for our videos of the Podcast episodes to live now on our new YouTube channel, The Marty Ray Project: Chats is where you'll find that, of course. PLEASE Subscribe, Follow, Rate & Review, Download, & Share the show if you like it and think its worthy. If you hate it, share it to your enemies. 

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JIM “MOOSE” Brown - Playing Guitar For BOB SEGAR, Writing The Song ‘It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere’, Producing JAMEY JOHNSON Award Winning Albums, & Alter-egos

October 27th, 2020

On this episode of The Marty Ray Project: Chats, Marty Ray & Chris Wallin interview the man, Jim "Moose" Brown. Jim is an award winning, Hall Of Fame, musician that can play an assortment of instruments. He plays for Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band, he's written many songs, one of which was a monster hit, "It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere" for Alan Jackson & Jimmy Buffet, and he produced two of Jamey Johnsons award winning albums. He's a highly decorated man and we're honored to have him on the show this week to talk about all that and even his alter-ego singing with many artists. He's a fun guy to chat with and very humble through all his achievements. Follow Jim Moose Brown on all social media platforms. PLEASE Subscribe, Download, Rate & Review, and Share our show if you like it! Love yall! Thanks for listening! 

THOM BRESH - DB Cooper Sent Him A Letter, Playing Guitar With Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed, The Youngest Hollywood Stuntman, & Hating Music Now

October 20th, 2020

On this episode of The Marty ray Project: Chats, Chris Wallin and Marty Ray interview the legendary, THOM BRESH. They get into talking about a little bit of music, but a whole lot of other things more. Thom tells us about things like: DB Cooper sending hi a letter because of a song he wrote about him, how he hates music nowadays, stories of Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed, being the youngest Hollywood stuntman, being an actor in Francis Ford Coppola, and much more. We also had Ken Spooner on who wrote the hit song, "If The Devil Danced With Empty Pockets". Thom also talks about his dad and his father, two very different people. He's the son of country music legend, Merle Travis. All that in one episode. PLEASE Subscribe, Follow, Rate & Review, Download, & Share if you enjoy the show! Love y'all! Thanks for listening! You find find a myriad of videos and such of Thom Bresh playing online just by searching his name, go do yourself a favor and do that. He also has a great YouTube Channel called BreshDigitalTV that you can sub to. Heres a link -

VICTOR WAINWRIGHT - BB King Tribute Song, Grammy, Best BBQ in Memphis, Playing Für Elise at 10 Years Old, & Late Night With Wainwright

October 13th, 2020

This weeks guest on The Marty Ray Project: Chats is the incomparable, rolling thunder, bluesy, honky tonkin piano player and singer, Victor Wainwright! Marty Ray Project & Chris Wallin chat with Victor about his beginnings in music: playing Für Elise at the age of 10 just by copying his teacher, touring with two bands, writing new music, cooking and eating BBQ, and his Late Night With Wainwright show. It's packed full of fun so share it with somebody if you like what you're hearing. We had special guest Jared Callan sitting in with us in this episode and he has his very own podcast called, Tourror Stories that you might love too. PLEASE Subscribe, Follow, Rate & Review, Download, & Share! We love yall and we're thankful to have ya! We have a live podcast coming up soon with multiple guest and its gonna be a blast! Join the mailing list at   to be notified with all updates. Find out about everything Victor Wainwright has going on at  

CLEDUS T. JUDD - Weird Al Of Country Music, Almost Fighting Garth Brooks, Funniest Man On CMT, & The Man Who Inspired Me To Write Parody Songs

October 6th, 2020

In this episode of The Marty Ray Project: Chats, Chris Wallin and Marty Ray chat with the enormously funny Cledus T. Judd. In this episode we talk about everything from Garth Brooks not being a fan to giving up 2 million dollars fro family. Also, we get into the Cledus comeback, life on the tour bus, The Eagles and Michael Jackson not liking his parodies, and how he was one of my heroes when I was growing up. Cledus drops some great wisdom that I know everyone should hear, especially those looking to get into to the music business. Come on and listen! PLEASE Subscribe, Rate & Review, Download, & Share! Love y'all so much and I thank you for being a part of the show! Soon we're going to start shouting out some of the people that Rate & Review the podcast so be sure you get your name on there on Apple Podcast if you want to be one of them. FOLLOW Cledus T. Judd on all social medias and go stream or download all his old music, its awesome! We had Jared Callan sitting in on this episode with us. He has his own podcast called Tourror Stories that you might enjoy. 

FAIZON LOVE - Fake Jay Z, Love Of Country Music, Gang Life, Robert Deniro, Denzel Washington, & Something We Didn’t Know About Elf

September 29th, 2020

In episode 18 of The Marty Ray Project: Chats, Marty Ray and Chris Wallin talk with Faizon Love about everything under the sun. Like: his love for country music, his friendship with Robert Deniro, his life in a gang, seeing Denzel acting almost making him quit, and a great story of him and Will Ferrel on the set of Elf. We have a a special co host with us, Jared Callan who has his own podcast called Tourror Stories where artist tell their horror stories of the road. PLEASE Subscribe, Follow, Rate & Review, Share, & Download! Love yall dearly!  

SLOBBY ROBBY - Netflix Show Season 2, His Own Clothing Brand, BREAKING NEWS Slobby Robby Game Show, & A Slobby Robby Toy Line

September 22nd, 2020

This was a fun episode with the man, Slobby Robby! First time interviewing someone while they were laying in there Versace sheets, hopefully not the last. We talk about the Netflix show Slobbys World and if there will be a season 2 or not, a Slobby Robby clothing brand called, Man Child, A Slobby Robby toy line, and a Slobby Robby game show coming soon. Also, a Slobby Robby Podcast called, Culture Vulture coming soon as well. Robby has a lot going on and a lot coming up. Chris and I were so happy to have him on to talk about the history of Generation Cool, his store, and everything else under the sun. Mainly Goonies and food. If you enjoy our show please Subscribe, Rate & Review, Follow, Download, and Share! Thanks so much to Jared Callan from Tourror Stories Podcast for sitting in with us on this one, we love ya buddy! Go follow Slobby Robby on IG, @SlobbyRobby, and Sub on YouTube, @GenerationCoolTV. Look for his Podcast coming soon! For those that actually read these descriptions if you stick around til the end theres a treat for you. Love yall dearly and we're so grateful that you're here! Check out season 1 of Slobbys World on Netflix now.

DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE - Scuffle With Eric Bischoff, Stone Cold Friendship, The Toughest Wrestler Backstage, & It’s Not Just @#!$ Yoga!

September 15th, 2020

On this episode, Marty Ray and Chris Wallin Chat with Diamond Dallas Page. He's a hall of fame wrestler that wrestled for the WCW and AEW. He is also an actor and a fitness coach that will get you into shape in no time with his creation, DDP YOGA. We chat with DDP about the wrestler you'd want in your corner in a street fight, being friends with Stone Cold Steve Austin and Jake The Snake, and fighting with Eric Bischoff. That is all packed into this episode and so much more! Thanks to all the loyal listeners for DOWNLOADING, SUBSCRIBING, FOLLOWING, RATE & REVIEWING, SHARING & anything else you can possibly do to these podcasts online! We love yall! Find DDP on all social media apps and if you need a workout program proven time and again to get people into excellent shape, download DDP YOGA NOW! Look for DDp's new documentary coming soon as well! 

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